14th Marshmallow Peep Show

Saturday, April 1, 2023

It's No YOLK! Only Peeps! Come celebrate a 100 years of Peeps! Free Family Fun! Games! Prizes! Displays! Samples! So Much More!
A FREE to the public Peep Show staring bunnies and chicks with special appearances by black cats, snowmen, hearts and company will take place at the NEW Main Downtown Riverside Library on April 1st 2023 from Noon to 4PM sponsored by DragonMarsh and the Riverside Downtown Partnership.
The 14th production of the DragonMarsh Peep show will include games such as peep ring toss, peep contests and "peep tac toe". Children of all ages are invited to sing along with the peeps, and enter the peep calling contest. By popular demand many peep displays will return including melted peeps, peep jousting, the peep museum and peep autopsy. Spin the prize wheel for peep prizes! Come see the petrified ancient Peep! Make an entry for the Best Dressed Peep Contest! Take a picture as your favorite Peep! Try Peep snacks! Quiz yourself on peep fun facts and receive peep recipes for use at home.
The event was started when the owner of DragonMarsh, Mora Blackmarsh, realized she had amassed possibly the largest peep collection. Some of her collection was over 5 years old. While talking to customers she realized that everyone had a strong opinion about the peeps. They hated or loved them. Some liked them fresh, some stale. Some liked the pink ones best. Some hated them all and liked to torture the marshmallow treat. Through countless hours research (and many calories) the Peep Show was born...er hatched. Her Daughter Morigianna has taken up the Marshmallow mantle and continues the collection and show with even MORE Peeps!

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