Financial Fitness Bootcamp: 4-Day Small Business Training

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

As a business owner, having a good handle on your accounting and finance can be critical to expanding your business! Join us for this FREE four-week series that will discuss:

Class One – August 2

An overview of financial management for small businesses – why is it important?
The 7 Financial Terms Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Class Two – August 9

Pricing your products and services correctly – are you accounting for all your costs correctly?
The importance of cash flow and diagnosing and curing cash flow issues
Preparing and understanding your key financial reports – what they can tell you about your business
The process of developing financial projections and identifying and understanding your key assumptions
Understanding and using key financial ratios

Class Three – August 16

The fundamentals of managing your small business finances
Understanding your business model and optimizing it for financial success
Maintaining proper records to keep your business running smoothly
Implementing a financial tracking and accounting system

Class Four – August 23

Understanding the fundamentals of business credit
Understanding how lenders view your company from a financial perspective
Preparing your company for debt capital – what do you need to do and what information do you need to provide to a potential lender

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