City Manager's Office

Office of Communications

Welcome to the Office of Communications! This collective group of individuals handles all marketing initiatives on behalf of and within our organization. Efforts include - but are not limited to - branding, visual identity standards, multimodal communication, language access, photography, social media, content creation, television, live streams and press conferences, web design, graphic design, internal communications, emergency notifications, and advertising all with the intention of creating and maintaining a clear identity for the City of Riverside.

In essence, wherever you see our City’s logo, you see our team’s work.

Justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) is at the core of all we do. The City of Riverside’s established vision serves as the foundation of our efforts:

Riverside is a city where every person is respected and cherished, where equity is essential to community well-being, where residents support one another, and where opportunities exist for all to prosper. In Riverside, everyone comes together to help the community, economy, and environment reach their fullest potential for the public good.

We value the deep-rooted and diverse fabric of our community. Each and every member of the Office of Communications team is dedicated to working collaboratively and strategically to uphold the vision and voice of our organization, ensuring a safe, inclusive, and livable community.

Through data-driven traditional and innovative modes of marketing and communication, we will continue to evolve our methods to successfully educate, inform, and inspire all who encounter this great city!

Marketing Officer
Kaitlin Reierson
(951) 826-5608
[email protected]