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Quality of Life Survey Results

2022 Community Quality of Life Survey Results

The purpose of the survey was to gather, analyze and share actionable data about the opinions of Riversiders regarding their quality of life.


Tremendous Pride

Riversiders Have Tremendous Pride In Their Community

2022 | 88.5%

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Goals for my Future

Riverside Is a Great Place Where I Can Realize the Goals I Have for My Future

2022 | 74.6%

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Finding Jobs

Riverside is a Good Place To Find a Good Job

2022 | 73.3%

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Good for Business

Riverside Is a Good
Place for Business

2022 | 79.9%

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Active & Healthy Place

Riverside is an Active and Healthy Place

2022 | 92.1%

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Safe to Walk

Do you feel it is safe to walk in your neighborhood?

2022 | 61.4%

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Affordable Living

Riverside is a Destination for Affordable Living

2022 | 53.3%

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Quality Services

Riverside Provides Quality Services to its Residents

2022 | 84.1%

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Library Services

Do Riverside public libraries meet your needs?

2022 | 90.8%

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COVID-19 Response

Riverside providing extra services during COVID-19 pandemic

2022 | 80.5%

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Providing Services

Residents who thought the City did well in providing services

2022 | 91.2%

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Support Diversity

Respondents believe diversity is supported and valued here

2022 | 86.7%

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