Marketplace Electronic Sign User Request Form

Please use this form to request advertising on the City's Marketplace Electronic sign. This form is only for Riverside events that are open to the public.

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Marketplace Sign

  • Image size 264 pixels wide x 136 pixels high Resolution no higher than 130 (smaller is okay)
  • Full color, RGB only
  • Photoshop jpeg only

Instructions for Creating Slides for the Electronic Sign

All slides must be approved by the City of Riverside.


Please keep verbiage to a minimum. In normal traffic, motorists will have only a few seconds to see the slide.

Slide must include name of event (a logo is okay as long as it’s easy to read), date and time, and a contact web site or phone number for more information. Normally, we do not include the location. If the event takes place more than one day it’s okay to put just the dates and leave off the time for space. Okay to abbreviate month names.

Please make sure your submission is:

  • Full color
  • RGB only
  • Photoshop jpeg only

By typing your name on this form the user hereby releases the City of Riverside and it’s department/staff from any and all liability which may be associated with the display of information on the electronic sign reader board including, but not limited to any failure to preform by the City of Riverside.

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