Displacement Avoidance Plan 

Partner: Community Settlement Association https://csariverside.org/

Plan Description: Community Settlement Association (CSA) will be the lead partner for displacement avoidance during the grant implementation. CSA’s plan will consist of four tasks that include: Community Outreach and Education, Monitoring Affordable Housing Preservation and Production, Business Stabilization Monitoring, and Community Redress Assistance.


CSA will host quarterly town hall meetings with local residents and subject matter experts to address displacement issues. CSA will partner with the City and community-based organizations to provide forums for community resource education and feedback. Additionally, CSA will host Business Owners Start-Up Series (B.O.S.S.) workshops twice a year. Finally, CSA will assist local residents in the completion of applications, forms, and letters to the appropriate agencies for any displacement-related grievances that may arise in the Project Area. CSA will also provide document translation in Spanish for those in need of this service.