Energy for All

Project Description: GRID Alternatives Inland Empire's Energy for All program will install a total 410kW of solar on 100 homes for low-income, single-family homeowners within the TCC Project Area (average system size of 4.1kW per home, $4.85/W). 

Operations and Maintenance Plan: GRID staff will lead the Operations and Maintenance Plan. The ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) costs will be covered by applicable equipment warranties and paid out of the revenue received from project funding through CSD as detailed in the project budget. The O&M contract will include: Contractor Workmanship Warranty (for 10 years), Manufacturer Warranties and Guarantees, and Preventive Maintenance Design. GRID and Anza Electric Coop will provide annual preventive maintenance, including monitoring system calibrations, performance verification and monitoring, system monitoring, and corrective maintenance as needed. GRID and Anza Electric Coop shall provide an annual report during first 3 years of operation and bi-annually through agreement period, detailing the state of the plant. The report shall include photos, system maintenance and performance results. The report shall outline the annual plant uptime, and shall account for and describe in detail any corrective actions taken as well as estimated lost production due to downtime. The report shall also outline any corrective measures not covered by the equipment warranties or installation warranty.