Workforce Development and Economic Opportunities Plan

Partner:  Riverside County Workforce Development https://www.rivcoworkforce.com/  

Plan Description:  The Workforce Development Plan includes five (5) trainings designed to lead residents into industry recognized career pathways. The trainings are as follows: GRID Alternatives (Solar Installation) trainees will receive a Basics Installation Training certificate; Building Industry Association (San Bernardino Community College) trainees will earn a certificate in construction aligned with local industry partners; Mulitcraft Core Curriculum (MC3) trainees will earn a pre-apprentice certificate into the construction trade and will have the opportunity to enter into 21 different apprenticeship programs; Next-Generation Farmer training (UCR-Extension) trainees will earn a certificate in sustainable agriculture; and On the Job training-trainees will be connected into GHG reduction sectors where they will learn high-level transferable skills that will result in permanent employment.  These trainings were also designed to coincide with GHG reduction initiatives through Title 24 in the construction field, creating a local sustainable food supply, and connecting residents to jobs that focus specifically on GHG reduction.  This plan will serve 248 residents, of which at least 80% will be from the project area.   

Project Reimbursement Conditions:  The Lead Entity must submit a revised work plan and budget for the proposed training programs that did not meet the WDEOP criteria during the Post-Award Consultation process - Task 7: UC Riverside Extension Next Generation Farmer Training. This requirement has been built into the plan as Task 1: Workforce Training Program Development, to be completed in the first quarter of the grant. The proposed budgets have been retained for Task 7, though no reimbursement will be approved until SGC approves the revised training proposal and this Budget and Schedule of Deliverables has been updated through an executed Amendment.