Homelessness is an extremely complex social problem that impacts the quality of life in our community. There are no easy solutions. We must keep in mind that people experiencing homelessness have the same constitutional rights as anyone else. Homelessness isn’t a crime. However, violating one of the following Riverside Municipal Code Sections is a crime and these regulations have been put in place to ensure that our communities remain safe.




Section 5.08.020

Solicitation within the City of Riverside is unlawful
where posted or otherwise communicated to the solicitor

Section 6.04.080

Illegal dumping

Section 6.15.202

Storage on Public Property

Section 9.04.010

Prohibition against certain forms of aggressive solicitation

Section 9.04.120


Section 9.04.200

Damaging public property

Section 9.04.220

Loitering for drug activities

Section 9.04.280

Annoying pedestrians – impeding free passage

Section 9.04.300

Trespass on private property

Section 9.04.400

Conduct on public property. Obstruction of movement in public ways,
sitting or lying down on public sidewalk, and public urination and defecation
prohibited, and distribution of food.

Section 9.04.500

Sitting or lying in entrance of building prohibited

Section 9.04.600

Prohibits camping on public streets, sidewalks, and public property

Section 9.05.020

Consumption of alcohol in public

Section 9.05.030

Open alcoholic beverage

Section 9.08.020

Leash law

Section 9.08.060

Unsafe bicycling or skateboarding in park

Section 9.08.070

Camping; permit required in parks.

Section 9.08.080

Fires prohibited

Section 9.08.100

Littering in parks

Section 9.08.104

Alcoholic beverages in parks prohibited

Section 9.08.110

Park hours and closure. In the parks after closed prohibited

Section 9.08.102

Destruction of park property

Section 9.08.130

Use of park restrooms for opposite sex

Section 9.08.140

Smoking prohibited in the parks

Section 9.08.150

Vehicle maintenance in parks prohibited

Section 9.08.160

Driving or parking vehicle on park grounds

Section 9.08.165

Parking RV in parks without permit

Section 9.16.030

Littering in public