Riverside Insect Fair

Riverside Insect Fair & Earth Day


Riverside Insect Fair

Buzz on by for the Riverside Insect Fair celebrating Earth Day on Saturday, April 22, 2023 from 10 am – 4pm in-person at the Main Library. Get the chance to buzz in on Storytime fun with the Library, explore a Day in My Life with UC Riverside Entomology Graduate Students, learn how to create your own bug collection, visit the Wyland Mobile Learning Experience sponsored by Riverside Public Utilities, shop, and much more!

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Photo Gallery

A photo of two girls both smiling and standing in front of a booth showcasing their butterfly wing costume inspired by Pink Lady Butterflies at the Riverside Insect Fair.
A photo of Chef Robert’s Cashew Crickets Stir Fry freshly made in a pan garnished with green onions.
A portrait of an art piece made from recycled cans created by Mariposa Alley artist, Martin Sanchez which is inspired by Riverside Insect Fair Praying Mantis logo.
The photo is focused on someone holding one of the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches while in the background a family is observing the other insects from the Touch-A-Bug booth.


An animal educator from Kreepy Kreatures is showcasing one of their tarantulas to the audience at the main stage. Behind the educator, a young girl is smiling with excitement and interest to see the arachnid.
Located at the Touch-A-Bug Booth is a child holding one of the many Vietnamese Walking Sticks while a UCR student is holding the other two walking sticks.
UCR Entomology Graduate Students are leading the Honeybee Comb Relay Race at the main stage. A young boy and girl are running together with an empty beehive frame to enter it into the beehive box.
A girl is smiling standing in front of the Praying Mantis art piece holding a blue bag.


Two people are interacting at the Touch-A-Bug booth holding two insects from the collection.
A girl is smiling into the camera as she holds one of the beetles from the Touch-A-Bug booth.
An up close up shot of the Hercules Beetle being held by someone.
An up close up shot of the Rhinoceros Beetle being held by someone.




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