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Beautify Riverside

Beautify Riverside is a community beautification initiative within the Office of Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson. It is modeled after the City Beautiful urban renewal movement of the late 19th century that sought to create more attractive urban centers. The ideals of City Beautiful came closer to home in the United States in the 1960s when Lady Bird Johnson made her main cause as First Lady to enhance cities across the country through beautification programming. The Mayor’s initiative seeks to improve the quality of life in Riverside by enhancing the appearance of business districts and neighborhoods.

Privately funded through donations and volunteer driven, Beautify Riverside projects across the city focus on landscape improvements, litter removal, with an emphasis on public art, such as mural painting. Within the first twelve months of the program, twelve murals were installed, ten community cleanups hosted, three building beautification projects completed, and two native plant gardens installed.

By welcoming public art and cleaner spaces to designated project areas, the Mayor’s Office engages with residents, increases foot traffic and neighborhood interest, showcases the talents of local artists, and encourages community volunteerism.

Artists affiliated with Beautify Riverside: Geoff Gouevia, Ekaterina Orlovie, Juan Navarro, Mano Mirande, Raymond Argumedo, Sean Banister, Tiffany Brooks, and Darren Villegas.

Beautify Riverside is separated into quarters to ensure concerted time and attention is paid to neighborhoods in each of the city’s seven wards. A volunteer working group with members from each ward of Riverside works with the Office of the Mayor on project ideas and implementation.



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Monetary and in-kind supply sponsorships for projects will ensure Beautify Riverside reaches its full potential. Every donation has a positive impact on this initiative. Here’s how your monetary support is put to use!

  • $10,000 full, large mural 
  • $5,000 half a mural 
  • $1,000 miniature mural on electrical box 
  • $500 three new trees 
  • $300 new plantings for green space
  • $150 paint supplies for mural painting 
  • $100 cleaning supplies for litter collection
  • $50 trash bags for one community clean up


Checks can be made payable to the Riverside Arts Council with Beautify Riverside in the memo line

3700 6th Street Riverside, CA 92501


How to Submit a Project Idea

Do you have a specific location in the city of Riverside where you would like to lead a Beautify Riverside project? Identify the location with a brief description of its current challenges and ideas for an improvement project—clean up, public art, or both.

How to Get Involved

Beyond the Mayor’s Office team, Beautify Riverside is solely volunteer driven—your help is greatly needed and valued. Projects are occurring at different locations and on various dates. Inquire about upcoming projects and how you can help by contacting [email protected] .