37th Annual Riverside County Peace Officers' Memorial Ceremony & Run

Published: 07/28/2021



July 28, 2021



Officer Ryan J. Railsback

Riverside Police Department

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37th Annual Riverside County Peace Officers’ Memorial Ceremony & Run


Riverside, CA – On Saturday, July 31, 2021 at 8:30 a.m., Riverside County law enforcement agencies and surviving family members will remember those peace officers who have died in the line of duty at a solemn ceremony in front of the “Safe in His Arms” memorial statue, located at 4102 Orange Street in Riverside.  The public is invited to attend the ceremony and participate in the ceremonial run/jog which will begin prior at 8:00 a.m.  The Master of Ceremonies will be Chief Bryan Reyes of the Palm Springs Police Department, and keynote speeches will be given by California Highway Patrol Commissioner Amanda Ray, Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco, and Riverside County Chief Probation Officer Ronald L. Miller II.


The light jog/run is open to everyone of all ages and abilities, and registration is NOT required to participate.  This year’s run will be led by members of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and the route will include a law enforcement escort.


The ceremony, steeped with police service traditions that include the riderless horse, gun salute, and “Missing Man” flyover, will recognize those who died in service prior to 2021.  Unfortunately, our county experienced the loss of five peace officers in 2019 and 2020.  Sergeant Steve Licon and Officer Andre Moye, Jr. of the California Highway Patrol were killed in the line of duty in 2019.  Deputy Terrell Young and Sergeant Harry Cohen of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, along with Deputy Probation Officer Julio Beltran of the Riverside County Probation Department, died in the line of duty last year in 2020.  Riverside County Constable Leroy Tripp’s line of duty death in 1916 will also receive its formal honor as all six of these Fallen Peace Officers’ names will be permanently etched on the “Safe in His Arms” memorial statue.


The “Safe in His Arms” memorial statue displays the names of the 70 Fallen Peace Officers who were killed or died in the line of duty while serving Riverside County.


  • 24 Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputies
  • 16 Riverside Police Officers
  • 11 California Highway Patrol Officers
  • 8 United States Border Patrol Agents
  • 4 Palm Springs Police Officers
  • 2 Cathedral City Police Officers
  • 1 each from the Corona Police Department, California Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement, Union Pacific Railroad Police Department, California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation-Norco, and the Riverside County Probation Department.


Join us as we honor those who have laid down their lives for the community members of Riverside County, and to support the families and loved ones they left behind.  


Free parking will be available in the parking structures located at 3535 12th Street and 4080 Lemon Street. 



Orange Street between 10th and 12th Streets will be closed from 5:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

There will be no parking along Orange Street between 10th & 12th Streets, and on 12th Street between Orange and Lemon Streets from 5:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  Proper signs will be posted in these affected areas.



Riverside County Peace Officer Roll CALL of Honor

Year     Officer                                      Agency                                    

1895       Frank Hamilton                                     Riverside County Sheriff's Department

1907       Preston Swanguen                               Riverside County Constable

1912       John Baird                                             Riverside Police Department

1913       Grant Alexander                                  Corona Police Department

1916       Leroy Tripp                                            Riverside County Constable

1917       Del MacIntyre                                       Riverside Police Department

1921       Henry F. Nelson                                    Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

1921       Theodore Crossley                              Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

1925       Ross A. Gardner                                   United States Border Patrol

1938       Clinton Burtner                                    Riverside Police Department

1940       Edward Bertino                                    Riverside Police Department

1944       Arthur Simpson                                    Riverside Police Department

1947       Anthony Oneto                                    United States Border Patrol

1954       Frank Epperson                                    California Highway Patrol

1956       Howard R. Scheffler                            Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

1956       Raymond A. Geiger                             California Highway Patrol

1961       Gale G. Eldridge                                   Palm Springs Police Department

1961       Roger A. Strong                                    Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

1962       Lyle W. Larrabee                                 Palm Springs Police Department

1967       Theodore L. Newton, Jr.                     United States Border Patrol

1967       George F. Azrak                                    United States Border Patrol

1969       William J. Rutledge                              Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

1969       William F. Carter, Jr.                            Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

1969       Ambers O. Shewmaker                       California Highway Patrol

1971       Leonard Christiansen                          Riverside Police Department

1971       Paul Teel                                                Riverside Police Department

1971       Richard F. Morello                               Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement

1973       William Prettyman                               Riverside Police Department

1974       Edward M. Schrader                           Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

1974       Larry Walters                                        Riverside Police Department

1977       Edward A. Parker, III                            California Highway Patrol

1980       James B. Evans, Sr.                              Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

1980       Dirk A. Leonardson                              Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

1982       Dennis Doty                                          Riverside Police Department

1982       Phillip Trust                                           Riverside Police Department

1987       Michael Brandt                                     California Highway Patrol

1987       Mark Taylor                                          California Highway Patrol

1988       Michael D. Davis                                  Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

1988       David Vasquez                                      Cathedral City Police Department

1989       Randy R. Lutz                                        Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

1993       Kent Hintergardt                                  Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

1993       Gary Cavender                                     Riverside Police Department

1994       Mark Kemp                                           Riverside County Sheriff's Department

1996       Aurelio Valencia                                   United States Border Patrol

1997       Michael P. Haugen                              Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

1997       James W. Lehmann, Jr.                       Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

1997       Saul Martinez                                       California Highway Patrol

1997       Daniel Muehlhausen                           California Highway Patrol

1998       Claire Connelly                                     Riverside Police Department

1999       Eric A. Thach                                         Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

2001       Charles Doug Jacobs, III                      Riverside Police Department

2003       Brent C. Jenkins                                   Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

2003       Bruce K. Lee                                         Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

2003       Shannon L. Distel                                 California Highway Patrol

2007       Manuel Villegas                                    Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

2007       Richard Goldstein                                United States Border Patrol

2008       Aaron Garcia                                         Union Pacific Railroad Police Department

2009       Nathaniel A. Afolayan                         United States Border Patrol

2009       Trena Renee McLaughlin                   United States Border Patrol

2010       Ryan P. Bonaminio                              Riverside Police Department

2011       Jermaine Gibson                                  Cathedral City Police Department

2013       Michael Crain                                       Riverside Police Department

2013       Gilbert Cortez                                       California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation - Norco

2016       Jose Gilbert Vega                                 Palm Springs Police Department

2016       Lesley Zerebny                                     Palm Springs Police Department

2019       Steve L. Licon                                        California Highway Patrol

2019       Andre Moye, Jr.                                   California Highway Patrol

2020       Terrell Young                                       Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

2020       Harry Cohen                                         Riverside County Sheriff’s Department

2020       Julio Beltran                                         Riverside County Probation Department