Bike Riverside: Enjoy the Ride

Published: 02/06/2018

Sycamore Canyon

Whether you hike, bike, or just stroll, the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park’s trail system is a wonderful way to enjoy a beautiful natural environment within the City of Riverside! The trail offers amazing panoramic views of the city, chances to see native plants & wildlife, great birding opportunities – all just minutes from downtown! Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park is a 1,500 acre park and one of eight protected core reserves designated by the Riverside County Habitat Conservation Agency for the federallylisted endangered Stephens’ Kangaroo Rat (Dipodomys stephensi). The park is also home to nearly 100 other plant & animal species that have been classified as rare, sensitive, threatened, or endangered. Hike, bike, bird watch, and simply engage in the wonders of Riverside’s wildlife. MySycamoreCanyon.com


Victoria Avenue

Victoria Avenue is a tree-lined, family-friendly parkway with parallel bicycle and equestrian paths enjoyed by cyclists of varying abilities. 


Santa Ana River Trail

The Santa Ana River Trail and Parkway parallels the Santa Ana River. It was developed through the cooperative efforts of park districts, counties, cities, nonprofits and community members interested in recreational opportunities for this rapidly-growing region. The Trail passes through 14 cities in three counties.


Did You Know? 

  • Bike lanes are swept twice a month by the Public Works Department. High volume bike paths, like Victoria Avenue, are swept every Friday to prepare for increased use on weekends. Bike path maintenance is completed by the Public Works Department on an as-needed basis.
  • Regardless of whether a bikeway stripe, stencil, or sign is present on a given street, bicycles are permitted on ALL roads in the state of California (with the exception of access controlled freeways).


Learn more about the various Bicycle Programs at RiversideCA.gov/PublicWorks


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