Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Checkpoint Nets 46 Citations

Published: 03/19/2019



March 19, 2019



Officer Ryan J. Railsback

Public Information Officer  

Community Services Bureau

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RIVERSIDE, CA – On Tuesday, March 19, 2019, the Riverside Police Department’s Traffic Bureau, along with our law enforcement partners from the California Highway Patrol, Buena Park Police, La Habra Police, Irvine Police, Anaheim Police, Brea Police, Riverside Sheriff’s Department – Jurupa Valley, Eastvale and Moreno Valley, and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department – Laguna Niguel, conducted a commercial vehicle enforcement checkpoint today from 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.  This joint operation took place on Jurupa Avenue, between Van Buren Boulevard and Payton Street, in the city of Riverside. 

A total of 80 commercial trucks were inspected with 46 citations issued.  11 trucks were placed out of service for various violations, and 1 box truck was impounded after the driver was found to be unlicensed.  Those violations cited involved improper or expired registration and insurance, driver licenses, hazardous materials, brakes, lighting, tires, load securement, and axle restrictions.  27 trucks came through the checkpoint and were found to be in compliance of state and local regulations.

This type of operation helps to ensure motorists operating a commercial vehicle with a gross weight of 10,001 pounds or more are in compliance with provisions of the California Vehicle Code (CVC), Title 13 California Code of Regulations (13 CCR), Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR), as well as other statues and regulations relating to the safe and lawful operation of commercial vehicles on the roadways located within the City of Riverside. 

Today’s goals included:

- The prevention of collisions and incidents attributed to mechanical defects or excessive driving hours and involving vehicles and drivers subject to California Vehicle Code section 34500.

- The prevention of incidents and catastrophes during, or as a result of, hazardous materials transportation.

- Assist California Highway Patrol Level One Commercial Vehicle Officer’s/ Inspector’s rigorous enforcement of the various commercial vehicle safety regulations in California and those nationally adopted laws and rules applicable to commercial vehicle operation.

- Ensure the safety of the motoring public by assisting California Highway Patrol Level One Commercial Vehicle Officer’s/Inspector’s through inspection and regulation of specific loads and commodities, enforcement of commercial hours of service, and driving under the influence laws.

- Minimize damage to city roadways by operating fixed and mobile commercial vehicle weight regulation.

- Educating commercial vehicle operators, the motor carrier industry, and the public will have a positive impact and promote commercial vehicle safety.

The Riverside Police Department’s Traffic Bureau will continue similar enforcement programs to help maintain the safety of the motoring public within our community.