Daniel E. Garcia Named Interim General Manager of Riverside Public Utilities

Published: 3/12/2024



Mar. 12, 2024



Phil Pitchford

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Daniel E. Garcia Named Interim General Manager of Riverside Public Utilities

Former Deputy General Manager with 40 years of experience replaces Todd Corbin, who is scheduled to become General Manager of the Chino Basin Watermaster

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Daniel E. Garcia, who has 40 years of experience in the electric utilities industry, has been named Interim General Manager of Riverside Public Utilities (RPU).

City Manager Mike Futrell made the announcement today in anticipation of RPU’s current General Manager, Todd Corbin, being named General Manager of the Chino Basin Watermaster. Garcia’s appointment ensures a smooth leadership transition at RPU, the City of Riverside’s provider of water and electric power. Garcia has been an executive at RPU for nearly eight years, including nearly five years as Deputy General Manager, and has a wide-ranging understanding of the intricacies of the utility’s operations.

“Danny Garcia’s experience and knowledge of the utility industry and its unique challenges make him the right person to keep RPU moving forward,” Futrell said. “I am confident his leadership will ensure that RPU continues to provide reliable water and power to its customers at some of the very lowest rates in California.”

Garcia had previously served RPU as Assistant General Manager, Resources, where his responsibilities included resource planning, strategic analytics, market operations, power generation, contracts (energy, gas and transmission), joint projects, and regulatory compliance relating to wholesale energy and transmission activities under the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, California Independent System Operator, California Energy Commission and North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

He started his utility career in 1984 as an Engineering Aide and has held various positions including System Power and Gas Dispatcher, Power Scheduler, Bulk Power Manager, and Power/Gas Procurement Manager. He joined RPU in 2007 and has served in various roles including Market Operations Manager, Interim Planning Manager and Utilities Scheduler/Trader. He is a member of several regional, statewide and national trade groups.

“RPU is a leader in the utilities industry, and I look forward to continuing that tradition of excellence,” Garcia said. “It is an honor to be selected for this role, and I am eager to work even more closely with the City’s executive leadership team, the Board of Public Utilities and the City Council.”

Corbin is scheduled to be named General Manager of Chino Basin on Wednesday. The organization is a court-appointed groundwater management agency ensuring water is allocated properly according to established water rights enjoyed by more than a half-dozen agencies in Inland Southern California. Corbin worked as RPU General Manager for more than five years. He previously worked about six years as General Manager of Jurupa Community Services District.

“Todd Corbin has done a great job during his time as General Manager, and he leaves RPU poised for future success,” Futrell said. “We thank him for his service to Riverside, and we wish him the best in his new endeavor.”