Joint Statement from the City of Riverside and Parada Plaintiffs

Published: 05/19/21



May 19, 2021



Phil Pitchford

Public Information Officer


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Joint Statement from the City of Riverside and Parada Plaintiffs

Settlement Reached on Behalf of Riverside Taxpayers

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – The City of Riverside is pleased to announce a settlement in the matter of Parada v. City of Riverside.

The terms of the settlement as summarized below protect the best interests of Riverside taxpayers and honor the shared commitment of the parties to public transparency and voter approval.

As planned, the City will proceed with placing the City of Riverside Services Protection Measure on an upcoming ballot.  This Measure allows voters to consider whether to authorize a utility fund budget transfer that maintains reliable local funding for essential City services such as firefighting, paramedics, police, street repair, homelessness services, parks, and senior and youth services, and to continue to fund this transfer through electric rate revenue.

Should voters authorize these current city budget and electric rate-setting practices by passing the Measure, the City will then, consistent with this mutually-agreed-upon settlement, also issue utility credits over a five-year period to local utility ratepayers.

This settlement, reached with the assistance of a mediator, allows the parties to avoid unnecessary taxpayer litigation expenses and a lengthy appeal, while prioritizing the desire of both parties to honor voters’ say and to support local residents and businesses through our local COVID recovery. The City has already delayed a scheduled rate increase through this COVID period.

“During these difficult times, our residents want to hear that all parts of our community are working together on the dynamic solutions that put Riverside’s businesses and residents first,” Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson said. “I couldn’t be more thrilled that all parties have come together to prioritize the best interests of our local utility ratepayers and provide much needed relief to local taxpayers during a time of recovery from the pandemic.”

There will be no further comments from either party on this matter.