Large Cache of Illegal Fireworks Seized

Published: 07/03/2019



The City of Riverside's Fireworks Enforcement Task Force recently received a tip regarding a local business selling illegal fireworks. The team of Fire and Police began an investigation and responded to the 2000 block of Chicago Avenue for a business inspection. They observed many empty boxes with markings to show they once contained illegal fireworks, but also observed a large amount inside the warehouse area.


The business in question is supposed to be a distributor of the legal "Safe & Sane" fireworks to vendors outside of Riverside County. But, it is alleged they were providing these illegal and dangerous products to social media "influencers," who would then demonstrate and market them to help direct and increase the sales of legal and illegal fireworks to the business.


The Fireworks Enforcement Task Force located and seized over 2500 pounds of illegal and dangerous fireworks. These are the type that are projectiles and dangerous since it is hard to predict where they could land, but also pose a high risk of injury and fire. The business will be issued a citation for local ordinances and detectives will conduct more follow-up investigation into possible criminal charges.


We want to remind everyone that ALL FIREWORKS are illegal in the our city. Riverside will put on two amazing professional firework shows tomorrow at Mount Rubidoux and La Sierra Park. We want to ensure that all community members and visitors not only have a fun holiday, but a safe one as well.


For more information, visit: https://www.riversideca.gov/press/fireworks-are-illegal-city-riverside