Mayor’s Monthly Message May 2021

Published: 05/05/2021

Mayor’s Monthly Message May 2021

On December 8, 2020, I took the oath as Riverside’s 18th mayor. Since then my administration has been driven by five major priorities. This month I wanted to briefly share on each of these areas. I begin with Economic Development & Job Growth. Riverside is on the cusp of launching a new job sector—I mentioned this is last month’s message. This new green tech sector will bring in high-quality jobs for Riverside’s local, qualified workforce. Working with partners at the Chambers of Commerce, universities and nonprofits to identify Riverside’s competitive advantages will further opportunities for investment.

Next, and most large in scope, is Quality of Life. I will continue my decades-long work of making the Santa Ana River a destination for recreation. Working with a regional coalition, Riverside will reduce fire danger and address homelessness in the river bottom with access to mental health services, emergency shelter programs and job training. Riversiders are also in need of high-quality entertainment and restaurants, and as the City of Arts and Innovation, more opportunities to access public art.

An area of focus of mine for the last decade—and now part of my mayoral priorities—is Education. Creating stronger bonds between the City of Riverside and local higher education institutions will encourage graduate retention following the completion of education. Connecting local colleges and employers to provide in-demand technical training, certification, and professional development programs will create methods of retaining local talent.

Finances can have impacts on all other areas, which is why we will always strive for Stable Finances. Community involvement in the priority-based budgeting process—which is happening now—will direct funding to programs and departments deemed most critical by Riverside’s residents. We will continue to explore innovative ways of generating revenue. Riverside will be positioned for fiscal success with the attraction of investment, which will spur business growth.

And finally, what unites us all is our connected Social Capital. Riverside’s greatest strength is its caring, committed and connected community. When making important decisions, I will seek the advice of, and include, all Riversiders.

With these five guiding priorities, I know that we are poised to meet and take on the opportunities and challenges of our day.

To see more information on this, find the priorities tab on my website at RiversideCA.gov/mayor.