Published: 06/06/2020

▪️ UPDATE ▪️
As of two days ago, the use of the carotid restraint was temporarily suspended by all members of the Riverside Police Department, pending the outcome of proposed legislation in Assembly Bill 1196.  Our infographic has been updated below (images 4 & 6).


“The aftermath of the George Floyd tragedy has left many to question the tactics, training, and overall use of force philosophies of modern-day law enforcement. Historically, the byproduct of such controversial incidents creates and/or fuels a divide within communities.  Understandably, and without question, those who seek answers are yearning for a sense of confidence as it relates to their police department. These concerns are reasonable and welcomed, as they provide a forum of dialogue and to share organizational methodologies related to specific points of apprehension. 


Speaking specifically to the Riverside Police Department, we maintain a longstanding and established history of being progressive when it comes to law enforcement best practices, tactics, and training.  Being the 12th largest city in California, the expectation to continue to be at the forefront in this regard is a paramount and necessary component in the focus of serving our 330,000 diverse community members. The continuous devotion to ensure the Constitutional rights of all persons is a fundamental and absolute core department value.  This, in and of itself, is the baseline barometer to measure our success.  As such, our department cherishes its partnerships with various special interest and spiritual groups along with their valued input.  The same can be said for the recruitment and hiring of the men and women of RPD, as they are a reflection of our community.  We recognize that we do not operate in a vacuum and we will accomplish societal goals collectively as individuals with different viewpoints.   


Dating back to the late 1990’s, RPD entered into a collaborative agreement with the State of California Department of Justice to achieve reform and the implementation of policies and procedures that would ensure best law enforcement practices.  This five-year journey marked significant accomplishments in the areas of staffing, training, supervision, use of force alternatives, and reporting the collection of traffic stop data and police contact audio recording, to mention a few.  This unique experience identified RPD as trailblazers within our field and established a foundational roadmap for future endeavors. 


As articulated, the Riverside Police Department has an established and earned track record of being leaders within the law enforcement profession.  The philosophies and training at RPD, along with the practical application of field tactics such as the use of police force, have created a culture within the organization that respects the civil liberties of all whom we serve.  With regard to the “8 Can’t Wait,” our department can speak with confidence that we are ahead of the curve, and were so, prior to any political action campaign recommendations.  Simply stated, the constant effort by RPD and our interaction with our community to discuss, research, and implement best law enforcement practices ensures our adherence with both federal and state governances, and ultimately the overarching expectations and agreeance by the citizens of our community.”     


     -  Larry V. Gonzalez