A Message from the Chief

Published: 05/15/2022

Good evening. I know many of our community members have concerns regarding recent home invasion robberies that occurred in the Alessandro Heights neighborhood of Riverside, as recent as this morning where one of the victims was shot. Fortunately, that victim is in stable condition and expected to survive his injuries. I can assure you our detectives are working these investigations exhaustively and have any and all available resources at their disposal to find those responsible, and we have increased patrols in these areas.

How can you help? First, if you see anything out of place or suspicious in your neighborhood, please report your observations to our Public Safety Communications Center. Secondly, you can also reassess your safety measures at home and look for ways to improve the security around your property. Do you have good lighting? Do you have security cameras or an alarm system, and are they working properly? There is never a bad time to make sure your home is protected. Third and just as important, have you met your neighbors and exchanged contact information so you can each keep an eye out when the other is gone? Neighbors looking out for each other is always a good deterrent to crime.

Our City Council continues to invest in the police department so we have the resources needed to address and resolve public safety issues in our community. Whether those needs come by personnel, equipment, or technology, the Riverside Police Department will continue its mission by acting with humility and grit to reduce fear and crime, and to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods by creating a safe environment in partnership with the people we serve.

Stay safe,

Chief Larry V. Gonzalez