Mylar Balloons Cause Thousands of Outages Every Year

Published: 06/04/2024

Balloons Are Fine Until Tangled In Power Lines


Mylar balloons are the metallic shiny, silver-like balloons which cause thousands of power outages each year when they float away and come into contact with power lines.

Although these balloons are fun and festive, especially for celebrations, it is extremely important to handle these balloons properly and ensure they do not get released into the air. If loose balloons come into contact with power lines, they can cause explosions, power outages, downed power lines, and much more that can result in extremely dangerous risks to public safety.

What to Do

If you spot any mylar balloons tangled in City of Riverside power lines or trees, report to 311 through the following ways:

Please provide us the specific location.

mylar balloon

Safety Tips:

  • Keep balloons indoors
  • Metallic balloons should always be secured with weights as required by California law
  • Never attach metallic streamers to balloons
  • Balloons should never be released outdoors
  • When disposing of the balloons, puncture them to release the helium, which prevents them from flying away
  • Do not try to retrieve balloons tangled in power lines or electrical equipment

Keep Your Balloons Happy. Keep Them Away From Power Lines