Pedestrian, Cyclist, Driver Safety Focus of $7.8 million Grant to Riverside

Published: 3/17/2023



March 17, 2023



Phil Pitchford

Public Information Officer


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Pedestrian, Cyclist, Driver Safety Focus of $7.8 million Grant to Riverside

City is matching the grant with $1.2 million, meaning $9 million in improvements are on the way

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Pedestrians, cyclists and drivers on Riverside streets will hopefully be involved in fewer vehicle collisions and other hazards as the result of the City receiving a $7.8 million grant.

The Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program funds will pay for projects to improve visibility of traffic signals, improve pedestrian safety at all signalized crossings by allowing them to enter the crosswalk ahead of motorists, and build a raised barrier median along a portion of Mission Inn Avenue.

The grant is the largest amount awarded to a single project out of 282 projects which were selected for funding in the state. The grant requires the City to provide $1.2 million in matching funds, meaning about $9 million in safety improvements are forthcoming.

“Our City continues to take proactive steps to increase safety by bringing state resources to Riverside,” Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson said. “These improvements will make our roads safer for pedestrians and cyclists, while reducing the number and severity of vehicle crashes.”

The improvements include:

  • a raised median barrier project and enhanced surfacing on Mission Inn Avenue between Redwood Drive and Scout Lane to reduce the number of collisions and wet-road crashes.
  • retro-reflective backplates on 400 traffic signals citywide that make the signals more visible, boost driver awareness of the signals, and reduce collisions.
  • implementation of Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI) timing at 400 traffic signals citywide, which increases safety by giving pedestrians and cyclists 3-7 seconds to start their path across the street before cars start driving, which increases the likelihood of vehicles yielding.

The City Council in September approved the grant application to the state Department of Transportation, which administers the federal program in California. The grant application was supported by the Riverside and Alvord unified school districts, which wrote letters in support of the goals.

“Creating a safe and accessible environment for residents in the City of Riverside is a priority,” Mayor Pro Tem Clarissa Cervantes said. “We are grateful to the school districts for their support of this grant application, which will make our roads safer for the community at large.”

More information about the grant application can be found here.