Published: 04/20/2023



Earlier this month, two Riverside Police Officers assigned to Watch A Patrol obtained information regarding an unknown person with arrest warrants who was possibly involved in the illegal manufacturing and selling of P-80 firearms, more commonly referred to as “ghost guns.”  Officers Joel Leandro and Richard Villanueva Jr. would utilize their time in between calls for service and on-sight activity to continue their investigation into this alleged illegal activity.  Ultimately, they were able to identify their suspect as 33-year-old Skyler Nathan Eric Cline, along with his vehicle and where he was living in the Mission Grove neighborhood of Riverside.  Mr. Cline is currently on active probation and had 5 warrants for his arrest, all for weapons and illegal narcotics violations.  He also was a convicted felon for similar criminal violations.


A search warrant was authored and obtained, and then with assistance from our West Post Release Accountability and Compliance Team (PACT), it was served on Tuesday, April 19, 2023 at the suspect’s residence in the 600 block of Garwood Court.  Mr. Cline was found hiding inside the attic and safely taken into custody.  As a result of their search, officers discovered 3 handguns including a P-80, 1 Tec-9 pistol, and parts of P-80 handgun, various firearm magazines, and a large quantity of ammunition.  23 grams of suspected methamphetamine, over 100 bankcards, blank checks, identification and social security cards, passports, and other confirmed and suspected stolen property were also located.


Mr. Cline was arrested and later booked into the Robert Presley Detention Center for his outstanding warrants, along with several weapons violations, identity theft, fraud, possession of stolen property, and violation of probation.  He is currently being held without bail.


“The initiative Officers Leandro and Villanueva Jr. showed demonstrates the efforts our patrol officers and detectives will make to keep Riverside protected from those who want to cause harm,” stated Chief Larry Gonzalez.  “If you are searching for a law enforcement agency to become your new home, look to the Riverside Police Department as a place where your hard work and dedication is appreciated and welcomed by your work family and community.”


Last week, Chief Gonzalez announced Officers Leandro and Villanueva Jr. as 2022 Sworn Employees of the Year at the Riverside Police Department.  Officer Leandro has 4 ½ years law enforcement experience, and Officer Villanueva has 3 years.  Please join us in congratulating them on their well-deserved accomplishment.