Realignment to Advance Envision Riverside 2025

Published: 10/06/2021

The City’s 2025 Strategic Plan, known as Envision Riverside, identifies a clear vision for the future of Riverside’s Economy, Community and Environment – an important vision that lends itself to the sustainability principles comprising the Triple Bottom Line. The Triple Bottom Line is a concept that recognizes the measurable commitment our organization has made to the social, environmental and economic outcomes for our employees and the community in which we serve.

Given that the City is in the process of recruiting various leaders within the organization, now is an opportune time to make six (6) reporting reassignments to realign the organization under the Triple Bottom Line’s 3 sustainability principles of:

  1. Social Responsibility – high quality, safe and inclusive communities with equal access to services, amenities and resources
  2. Economic Prosperity – a healthy and resilient economy that reflects community values and supports local businesses, workforce development, and local investment
  3. Environmental Stewardship – considers the stewardship of water, land and agricultural resources; intelligent development, infrastructure investments and transportation options; and reduces greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint

Departments and Offices will be generally grouped by Triple Bottom Line themes and associated Assistant City Manager to work in synergy with one another to accomplish the sustainability and resiliency outcomes (as well as the outcomes pertaining to all other cross cutting threads and priorities) that the City Council set forth in Envision Riverside. Please see the organization chart for reference.

While each Department and Office contributes to all areas of sustainability and resiliency, as well as advancing Envision Riverside, inter-departmental/office synergies will continue to be harnessed in new ways to achieve new outcomes with this structure. And, this structure represents an initial step that will benefit succession in the years ahead while minimizing organizational disruption today.

 Realignment to Advance Envision Riverside 2025

For additional information on Envision Riverside, please visit www.RiversideCA.gov/CityManager