Reshape Riverside Effort Concludes with New City Council Boundaries

Published: 3/29/2023



March 29, 2023



Phil Pitchford

Public Information Officer


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Reshape Riverside Effort Concludes with New City Council Boundaries

Months-long process included community meetings, significant public input

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – The City Council on Tuesday (3/28) approved new City Council ward boundaries, completing the eight-month Reshape Riverside process that included numerous community meetings and extensive public input.

The 6-1 vote came after the latest public hearing on the proposed changes. Councilmember Chuck Conder voted no, saying he preferred a map that did not divide neighborhoods within his existing ward. The final approved map can be found here.

“This process has been comprehensive, with extensive community input,” Mayor Patricia Lock Dawson said. “In the end, we came up with a map that does the best job possible in balancing the community’s needs and desires.”

Several potential final maps were considered from a batch of more than a dozen possible maps that had been proposed by individuals, community groups, and the city’s consultant, Redistricting Partners.

The final map was chosen because the City Council thought it was the best option for complying with the Fair Maps Act and reflecting Communities of Interest testimony that was received during the Reshape Riverside process.

“The community engaged for nearly a year and spoke through the Reshape Riverside process, and this map reflects that,” Mayor Pro Tem Clarissa Cervantes said. “The City Council greatly appreciates the effort and thoughtful comments that helped us get to this point.”

The new map will become effective 30 days after adoption, meaning it will determine the boundaries for City Council elections in wards 1,3, 5 and 7 in March and November of 2024.

An ordinance formalizing the changes is expected to come back to the City Council for its approval in about a month. Adoption will follow a second reading of the ordinance, which typically occurs at the next meeting following initial approval.

More information can be found at reshaperiverside.com.