Three Ways To Be Waterwise & Save

Published: 05/01/2019

Using Water Efficiently Is ALWAYS Important!


While storms over the past months have helped to replenish Riverside’s groundwater supplies, year-round wise water use and conservation are always important. Outside watering in dry climates like ours in Southern California can be as high as 60% of your daily household water use. Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) is here to help with our water and money-saving rebate programs.

Reduce Waste

Weather-Based Irrigation Controller
These “smart” controllers adjust irrigation schedules based on weather changes and needs of the landscape. They can reduce outdoor water use by about 20% percent. Rebates start at $80 for controllers for less than an acre of landscape and $35 per station for properties with more than one acre of landscape.


Increase Knowledge

Landscape Training Workshop Series
Learn how to manage your soil, properly program your irrigation controller, troubleshoot your irrigation system, convert traditional irrigation to drip irrigation, and remove and replace your lawn with low water use plants. For upcoming dates, contact RPU at (951) 826-5311.


Replace Turf

Residential Turf Replacement Program
A typical household can reduce water usage by an estimated 60% by removing turf and converting your yard to water-efficient landscaping. Funding for the Residential Turf Replacement Program is supplemented by RPU above the base amount offered by Metropolitan Water District. The rebate amount has been increased to $3 per sq. ft.


Available Rebates

conservation corner

What's Your Plan?

How often you water your lawn should change according to the weather. In summer, water 3 days a week and 4 days when it is really hot. In winter, water twice a week for a healthy, green lawn.

To avoid evaporation, water your lawn between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m. and never in the heat of the day.

Turn the sprinkler timer off when it rains and wait for at least two days before you water again.