Truck Restrictions Implemented on Westbound Van Buren Boulevard in Riverside

Published: 1/7/2022



Jan. 7, 2022



Phil Pitchford

Public Information Officer


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Truck Restrictions Implemented on Westbound Van Buren Boulevard in Riverside

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – Truck axle restriction signs have been installed recently along westbound Van Buren Boulevard from Interstate 215 to Dauchy Avenue as part of a collaborative effort between the County of Riverside and the City of Riverside to eliminate cut-through truck traffic in neighborhoods.

The axle restriction within the City limits prohibits commercial trucks exceeding 3 axles from using westbound Van Buren Boulevard from Coyote Bush Drive to Dauchy Avenue. The goal is to keep commercial trucks on Interstate 215 instead of navigating through neighborhoods using alternate paths when traffic congestion occurs on the freeway.

The axle restrictions are designed to reduce safety and noise concerns created by large trucks and prevent excessive damage to the asphalt on this segment of roadway.

Electronic message signs have warned truck drivers about the change for nearly two months, and enforcement began on Dec. 1. If members of the public observe a violation, they can report it by contacting the City of Riverside’s 311 Call Center or via the 311 mobile app.

The regulations do not apply to trucks with 4 axles or more that are travelling directly to business locations in the vicinity and/or engaged in pick-up and/or delivery activities within this area. Trucks traveling westbound on Van Buren Boulevard entering the March JPA facility at Coyote Bush Drive are not be impacted by the proposed axle restriction. 

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