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Published: 08/14/2019

Gene Moon


After recently moving to Riverside to accept a position at California Baptist University as Director of Orchestral Studies, it did not take long for Professor Gene Moon’s talents to be recognized. He was quickly recruited to the position of Musical Director at the Riverside Arts Academy (RAA), a place where young people are encouraged to explore, create and reach their full potential. RAA envelopes ballet, choir, visual arts, and instrumental music such as band and orchestra.

RiversideTV sat down and chatted with Professor Moon about RAA and the Harmony Project:

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The Riverside Arts Academy helps foster the development and the advocacy of numerous organizations here in Riverside. For example, we work with ballet companies, school districts, regional professional orchestras, and even the nationally recognized Harmony Project. The Los Angeles-founded Harmony Project’s mission is to promote growth, community, and connection through the study, practice, and performance of music. Fortunately, we have adopted the amazing program here in Riverside, providing comprehensive, tuition-free music education and social support to youth. Typically, students don’t have the opportunities nor time to receive extensive music education during their normal curriculum. This project provides pullout programs and even classes on Saturday mornings (AND the instruments!) that help with strings and instrumental development.

Beyond music development, music education definitely impacts academic studies. Being involved in music enables certain portions of critical thinking, similar to learning a new language. It also enables people to look at things from a mathematical point of view; counting rhythms, measures, etc.

To learn more about how to be involved with the Riverside Arts Academy and the Harmony Project, visit RiversideArtsAcademy.com

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