Ready Riverside

Make a Plan

It’s not too late to make a plan. When an emergency happens, having a plan will help you remain calm and take the appropriate actions.

Take these steps to start putting your plan together today:


Step 1

Discuss these four questions with your family, friends, or household.

  • How will I receive emergency alerts and warnings?
  • What is my shelter plan?
  • What is my evacuation plan?
  • What is my family/household communication plan?


Step 2

Consider specific needs in your household.

  • Think about what needs you or members of your household might need in an emergency. are just some of the factors you may need to consider when planning for an emergency. Ask yourself if you’re plan might be affected by any of these needs:
    • Age
    • Mobility
    • Languages spoken
    • Pets and animals
    • Dietary and medical needs
    • Cultural and religious needs
    • Access and functional needs
    • Responsibility for assisting others
    • Households with school-aged children


Step 3

Record your plan

  • Whether you write it down, type it out, or record it, having a record of your plan will help you recall what to do in an emergency.


Step 4

Practice Your Plan

  • Test your plan so you can identify any weaknesses and make any changes you may need to before an emergency. Test it periodically in case any changes affect your plan, and don’t forget that different times of the day and year may impact parts of your plan.


Download our Evacuation Checklist here