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RTRP Support Letter


January 30, 2020

Ms. Marybel Batjer
California Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, Ca 94111

RE: Riverside Transmission Reliability Project (RTRP)
CPUC Proceeding A.15-04-013

Dear President Batjer:

I am writing to support the Administrative Law Judge’s Proposed Decision granting Southern California Edison (SCE) a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the Riverside Transmission Reliability Project (RTRP). As the Proposed Decision states, “…the project benefits of providing the City of Riverside with a second source line are overriding considerations that serve the public convenience and necessity.”

The City of Riverside (Riverside) is the only major city in California that lacks sufficient interconnection capacity and a second connection to the state’s electrical grid. The City is home to 330,000 residents and multiple essential county, state and federal government facilities, including the California Air Resources Board’s Southern California headquarters now under construction and the University of California, Riverside campus. Riverside also serves as host to several medical centers, hospitals, businesses, and public safety facilities. Losing our only connection to the electrical grid due to a natural disaster such as a wildfire or earthquake, accident, Public Safety Power Shutoff or any other unanticipated event would adversely impact these critical facilities, many of which are used for emergency response support for all residents of Riverside County.

The Proposed Decision rightly recognizes that it is vital for Riverside to have increased interconnection capacity and to have an additional point of delivery for electricity into its electrical system. All community members will benefit from the increased reliability that will be provided by RTRP. Disadvantaged communities and low-income residents will benefit in the long term as RTRP will enable Riverside to meet its and California’s clean energy goals. Without RTRP, Riverside could experience significant blackouts and the corresponding public safety impacts like it did in 2007.

For these reasons, I urge you to expeditiously adopt the Proposed Decision without modification.