RTRP Support Letter


I support the Riverside Transmission Reliability Project (RTRP) Hybrid Project!

Our community needs the RTRP Project! Without it, Riverside’s 326,000 residents are at risk of a power blackout if the area’s single connection to the California electric grid goes down due to a natural disaster, accident, or any other unanticipated event.

Riverside is home to the county, state and federal governments, while hosting more colleges and universities than any neighboring city, as well as two regional medical centers, and many hospitals and clinics. Losing our only connection to the grid would adversely impact hospitals and trauma centers, jails, emergency response teams, fire stations, traffic signals, universities, schools, colleges, businesses and families. Ensuring a reliable source of power for our educational institutions, first responder’s, hospitals, and healthcare industries should be of the upmost importance.

These institutions serve regional residents, along with residents of the City of Riverside. As our regional population continues to grow, so do institutions within the City of Riverside. The safety of these institutions, and assuring that our first responders have the tools and equipment necessary to serve this growth, should not be compromised.

This is a regional safety issue that must be addressed.

In the best-case scenario, if all approvals are obtained, the line will be built and energized in 2026. This an extraordinarily long time to wait for a basic protection that all of our neighbors in adjacent cities already enjoy. The ability to have a redundant electrical system gives the city resiliency and the ability to respond to emergencies in an efficient manner.

I urge the California Public Utilities Commission to approve the RTRP project without further delay.