Riverside Public Utilities

Magnolia-Plaza Reliability Project

A five-phased capital improvement project.

About the Project

Riverside Public Utilities’ Magnolia-Plaza Reliability Project, is a five-phased Capital Improvement Project that will expand our Plaza Substation facility, retire our Magnolia Substation, and relocate an important energy transmission line.

The planned upgrades to our energy delivery system will eliminate obsolete equipment, help modernize our local energy delivery infrastructure, and help increase the energy efficiency and reliability of Riverside’s vibrant southwestern neighborhoods.

Impacts to Area During Construction

While the project is not expected to cause any significant consruction-related impacts to the area around the project sites, there may be a temporary increase in ambient noise caused by construction equipment and traffic from workers commuting to and from these sites. Nearby residents will be notified by mail if their property will be impacted.

This project is expected to be completed by fall of 2016.

Project Features

The Plaza Substation location will include a new 10-foot block wall, drought tolerant landscaping, and, an extension of Elizabeth Street, including new sidewalk space and curbing, which will help beautify the area.