Riverside Public Utilities

Tequesquite Landfill Solar Project

A 7 megawatt solar power farm providing clean energy.

About the Project

The Tequesquite Landfill Solar PV Project is a 7 megawatt solar power farm that is operated by Sun Power, LLC on top of the decommissioned Tequesquite landfill in Riverside, California. The project was completed September 2015, and demonstrates another unique and innovative approach that Riverside is using to leverage local land resources into renewable power for the benefit of the community. The solar power is purchased by Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) and is directly fed into the local electrical grid and is enough to power about 1,600 homes.

Since the project was built residents along the bluff have had questions about seeing different aspects of the project from their homes. Community meetings were held on December 12, 2015 for those concerned. Representatives from RPU attended and are working to help these residents with their issues.

We value your input and want to work with you. If there are other questions or comments you may have about the project, please contact Roy Xu at [email protected].

Latest Updates


We have now completed painting the cement skiffs and the white inverter boxes to blend in with the surroundings. There are before and after pictures in the PDF posted above. We feel the paint has made a huge difference in the ability for the solar project to blend into the landscape and we hope the residents living the bluffs would agree with us. The inverter boxes that were white are now green like the trees and the cement skiffs were painted a dark color to blend into the shadows created by the panels. Please feel free to contact Marjorie Mitchell if you have any questions, concerns or would like share your opinion. She can be reached at [email protected] or call 951.826.5984.