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The following downloads are available for Benchmarks in the City of Riverside. Used together they should answer most of your questions concerning the City of Riverside Benchmarks, Datums, Adjustments, Locations, and Values.

Hardcopy Available.

If you would like a hardcopy of the City of Riverside Benchmark Book please email Curt Stephens, City Surveyor. The book is an 8 x 11 three ring binder that includes all the data you can view below as well as a 96 page street map showing the benchmark locations and an index page.

The cost for each book is $100.00

Riverside Municipal Code - Datum Planes.

A copy of Section 13.02.010 of the City of Riverside Municipal Code that specifies the Horizontal and Vertical Datum Planes that may be used in the City of Riverside. It also specifies that all documents, plans, and reports submitted to the City of Riverside for review and construction must be tied to at least one Benchmark published by the City of Riverside. Please download this page for full particulars.

Benchmark and Adjustment Information.

This document explains the history of City of Riverside benchmarks, the different adjustments that have been performed and how to decipher the nomenclature of the City designations. It also contains information on how the recent adjustment of the existing City 1929 network to the 1988 Datum.

NGVD 88 Adjustment Report.

This report is a complete output of the City 1988 adjustment. It contains the control values, adjustment parameters, and control value residuals developed in the adjustment process as well as all the adjusted values.

City of Riverside Benchmark Location Map.

This map shows the geographic locations of the benchmarks in the City of Riverside. Using a zoom of approximately 400 percent will allow you see both the benchmark designations as well as the street names.

City of Riverside Benchmark Listing.

The listing includes the Point ID, Elevation, Datum, Adjustment Year, as well as the Mark Description and Location. You are welcome to download this file and print it for your own use.

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