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The City of Riverside Tie Sheet list has been compiled from ties prepared by the Public Works Department Survey Section and ties submitted by private Surveyors and Engineers as a requirement of new subdivisions. The City continues to add to this list as new Tie Sheets are prepared or submitted.


For over 100 years the City of Riverside has striven to maintain centerline monuments and prevent their destruction. The over 10,000 tie sheets in this list is testament to this commitment. Upon passage of Section 8771 of the Land Surveyors Act the City intensified its efforts to tie out and reset all monuments subject to destruction or being buried by street re-construction. These ties were indexed in the City Tie index. Since most Land Surveyors were directed to the City for research this worked very well. It was the City's opinion that we were in compliance with the intent of Section 8771.

However despite these efforts, in February, 2000, the City was the subject of a complaint filed with the Board of Registration by the Joint Professional Practice Commission due to slurry seal covering monuments. The Board and Joint Professional Practice Commission required the City to submit Corner Records to the County. Furthermore the County Surveyor refused to waive the indexing fee. As a result it is the policy of the City of Riverside to submit Corner Records to the County of Riverside for all centerline monuments subject to street reconstruction or paving. It is the City's intention, through payment of the indexing fee to let the County of Riverside become the sole repository of Monument Ties within the City of Riverside.

To date the City has submitted over 500 Corner Records for indexing. The City does not maintain an index of these Corner Records. For copies of these Corner Records please contact the County of Riverside Survey Section.

Hint: Make sure you check with the County of Riverside for Corner Records.

Hint: Ties are crossed indexed. So when searching the tie indexes please make sure you check for ties based upon both street names. For Example: If your looking for a tie sheet at Magnolia Avenue and Central Avenue check the index for M's, Magnolia and Central, then check the C's for Central Avenue and Magnolia Avenue.

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