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City Organizational Chart

  1. Nicol Colleen

    Colleen Nicol

    City Clerk

    Nicol Colleen

    Colleen Nicol

    City Clerk

    Gary Guess

    Gary Geuss

    City Attorney

    Al Zelinka

    Al Zelinka

    City Manager

    Gary Guess

    Gary Geuss

    City Attorney

    1. Phil Pitchford

      Phil Pitchford

      Public Information Officer

    2. Moises Lopez

      Moises Lopez

      Deputy City Manager

      1. Edward Enriquez

        Edward Enriquez


      2. Carl Carey

        Carl Carey

        General Services

      3. Erin Christmas

        Erin Christmas


      4. Hafsa Kaka

        Hafsa Kaka

        Office of Homeless Solutions

      5. Robyn Peterson

        Robyn Peterson


      6. Inter-
        governmental Affairs

      7. Brandi Becker

        Brandi Becker

        Principal Management Analyst

        1. Ward Action Teams

    3. Lea Deesing

      Lea Deesing

      Assistant City Manager

      1. George Khalil

        George Khalil

        Innovation & Technology

      2. Michael Moore

        Michael Moore


      3. Stephanie Harvey

        Stephanie Harvey

        Office of Communications

      4. Larry V. Gonzalez

        Larry V. Gonzalez


    4. Rafael Guzman

      Rafael Guzman

      Assistant City Manager

      1. David Welch

        David Welch

        Community & Economic Development

      2. Stephanie Holloman

        Stephanie Holloman

        Human Resources

      3. Adolfo Cruz

        Adolfo Cruz

        Parks, Recreation &
        Community Services

      4. Kris Martinez

        Kris Martinez

        Public Works

      5. Office of Sustainability

      6. Donna Finch

        Donna Finch

        Principal Management Analyst

        1. Legislative Affairs

    5. Todd Corbin

      Todd Corbin

      Public Utilities