COVID-19/Coronavirus Update


Al Zelinka Portrait PhotoThe Parking Division is charged with promoting and maximizing parking opportunities that contribute to improving the quality of life in its residential and commercial areas citywide.

Parking Division staff operates and manages the city’s parking facilities including parking enforcement, citation processing, preferential parking, and installation and management of parking meters and signs.

Restrictions apply to downtown, street sweeping, and special events parking.


Update 6/18/2020
  • As Riverside united to address the COVID-19 pandemic, the City temporarily suspended the parking enforcement program during street sweeping days and relaxed enforcement of other parking regulations. As the City moves into a recovery phase, we are asking you to help us reduce pollutants from entering our local waterways and assist us to keep your neighborhoods clean by not parking on-street during Street Sweeping days.
  • To ease the reinstatement of street sweeping practices, warnings will be issued until parking citations resume on July 1, 2020.
  • Other violations will also be phased into compliance, including: metered parking, posted time limits, and colored curb zones.
  • Safety related violations have and will continue to be enforced, which include, but are not limited to: No Stopping/ No Parking Signs, Driveways, Blocked Sidewalks, Spaces for Persons with Disabilities, Blocking emergency access (alleys, fire hydrants, etc.), Fire Lanes, Red Zones
  • We ask that you park responsibly and be courteous to others. For additional information please visit https://www.riversideca.gov/publicworks/ or call the Call Center at (951) 826-5311