Parking FAQ

If your vehicle has been towed due to 72 hour storage, contact the Riverside Police Department’s Traffic Division at (951) 826-5700.
According to the California Vehicle Code the vehicle has to be moved a minimum of 1,056 feet or .2 miles in order for the vehicle to be in compliance.
Your vehicle may be towed. The California Vehicle Code 22651(k) covers operation and inoperable vehicles from 72 hour storage on-street.
If the citation was issued by the City of Riverside, we can look up your citation information with the license plate number, the VIN number, or the registered owner’s name. You can call us at (951) 826-5620.
Yes, if you were the registered owner at the time the vehicle was cited, you are responsible. If you can provide proof of your release of liability that is filed with DMV, the citation will be removed and changed over to the new registered owner.
Extensions may be granted on a case-by-case basis and are more commonly issued for correctable citations such as Expired Registration, Tab Missing, or License Plate Missing. Applicable laws apply to all parking citations.
If you are in the designated No Parking on Street Sweeping area, yes the vehicle is subject to a citation and should be moved as quickly as possible.
You can call Parking Services at (951) 826-5620 to address any questions about your parking citation.   You can also submit a written statement indicating why you believe the citation was issued in error by following the instructions on the back of your citation.

Please submit your appeal electronically by going to or by submitting the Request for Initial Administrative Review of a Parking Citation Form in person or by mailing it to the address below. Be sure to include a copy of the citation and any documents that support your statement (including pictures). 

Mailing Address:
City of Riverside
Parking Services
3900 Main st.
Riverside, CA 92501

It is unlawful to park a commercial vehicle in a residential area unless they are loading or unloading. Commercial vehicles can park only where signs are posted indicating commercial vehicle parking authorized. If you would like more information on where commercial vehicles can park, please see the Commercial Vehicle Parking Guide.

To report an illegally parked commercial vehicle contact (951) 826-5311.

Disabled persons parking spaces are governed by the State of California and citations are issued to vehicles not displaying the proper placard. To report a vehicle parked without a disabled persons placard, call (951) 826-5311. To report non-compliant spaces (including missing signs or repainting the stall and access zone), please contact the City of Riverside Community Development - Building and Safety Division at (951) 826-5697.
Within 21 days of receiving the citation, please submit a copy of the disabled persons placard, the disabled persons placard registration, and photo ID by mail, in person, or at the website listed on the back of the citation. Upon verification of your placard registration, the citation will either be reduced to a $25 administrative fee (per CVC 40226) or dismissed depending on the parking violation. To report your placard lost or stolen you should contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) right away.
You should contact the Department of Motor Vehicle right away to report your placard lost or stolen. As for the citation it will be either reduced to $25.00 with verification of your placard or it could be dismissed depending on the parking violation.
Yes, if the disabled persons placard is visible and properly displayed, a citation will not be issued.
A vehicle displaying a valid Disabled Persons placard or license plate may park:
  • In parking spaces with the International Symbol of Access (wheelchair symbol).
  • Next to a blue curb authorized for persons with disabilities parking.
  • Next to a green curb without restrictions to time limits.
  • In an on-street metered parking space and metered parking lot at no charge.
  • In an area that indicates it requires a residential or preferential permit.
Parking Lot 34 located at the base of City Hall between 9th Street and 10th Street provides temporary free parking. Learn more about parking validation.
Yes, if the vehicle is parked illegally the vehicle could be cited. You can call the 311 Call Center to report any parking violations.
If a meter is broken it is suggested that you park elsewhere. If there is a note on the meter you should be okay to park there without being cited. You could receive a citation if the meter has not been reported as having a problem. To report a broken meter, contact Parking Concepts Inc. at (951) 682-3167.
Traffic Engineering is responsible for street signage and can be reached at (951) 826-5366 during normal business hours or you can contact the 311 Call Center.
If you have a particular situation on your street and require enforcement,  contact the 311 Call Center to request additional enforcement.
Recreational vehicles are allowed to be parked on the street 24 hours before and 24 hours after a trip. The 24 hours is for loading and unloading. Recreational vehicles may NOT be stored on any residential street beyond the allotted time.
Yes, enforcement for the day or evening can be suspended. It is recommended that you inform the City of the event by contacting the 311 Call Center after hours. You should also contact your adjacent neighbors so they understand why there is no enforcement.
Yes, someone may "camp" in the R.V. for no more than 5 days on the street providing there are NO electrical cords running from the R.V. and they do NOT drain any dirty water into the street/gutter. For stays longer than 5 days, but not more than 15 days, the R.V. must be in the driveway and a Temporary Use Permit (TUP) must be obtained.