Envision Riverside 2025

Published: 2/14/2022


Srategic Priorities



Riverside is a city where every person is respected and cherished, where equity is essential to community well-being, where residents support one another, and where opportunities exist for all to prosper. In Riverside, everyone comes together to help the community, economy and environment reach their fullest potential for the public good.


The City’s 2025 Strategic Plan, known as Envision Riverside , identifies a clear vision for the future of Riverside’s Economy, Community and Environment. During 2020, several one-on-one interviews were held with the Mayor, Council Members, and key City staff and public meetings occurred to discuss the priorities and goals for the City organization for the next five-year period. Based on the information received from these discussions and the public, the Envision Riverside 2025 Strategic Plan was created and approved.

The Envision Riverside 2025 Strategic Plan is comprised of two components:

  • City Council Strategic Policy - This section sets forth the Strategic Priorities and Goals of the City Council to advance Riverside’s potential and to frame the work efforts of staff over the next five years.
  • Operational Workplan -This section sets forth envisioned actions to be carried out by City staff to implement the City Council Strategic Policy, as well as related metrics to track the trendlines of progress toward achieving City Council priorities. This section includes the Actions and Performance Metrics and is evaluated and updated based on the changing needs of the organization and in conjunction with the City’s budget cycle.

The City of Riverside is committed to providing highquality municipal services to ensure a safe, inclusive, and livable community and with that, is continuously working toward data-driven measurable outcomes that align with the Envision Riverside 2025 Strategic Plan.

The Riverside City Council adopted six strategic priorities and associated indicators and goals for each priority. Strategic priorities are broad areas in which the City Council wants the City Team to invest time, energy and resources to accomplish the vision. The priorities include: 1) Arts, Culture and Recreation, 2) Community Well-Being, 3) Economic Opportunity, 4) Environmental Stewardship, 5) High Performing Government, and 6) Infrastructure, Mobility & Connectivity.

Furthermore, cross-cutting threads are described as major themes incorporated throughout all areas of the strategic plan and are reflected in all of the outcomes. Implementation of all strategic priorities should advance – or at least be neutral towards – all cross-cutting threads. They include: Community Trust, Equity, Fiscal Responsibility, Innovation, and Sustainability and Resiliency.

In addition, Envision Riverside is crucial to the ongoing priority-based budgeting process the City has adopted, a process which seeks to allocate financial resources in accordance with the City Council’s strategic priorities.

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