Third Street Grade Separation Project

The Third Street Grade Separation Project is set to ease the flow of traffic through Third Street.

Currently, traffic is stopped approximately 3 hours and 12 minutes cumulatively every day on Third Street due to approximately 100 daily passing trains at the BNSF crossing. Congestion at this train crossing is expected to increase to 10 hours per day by the year 2046.

The Third Street Grade Separation Project will lower Third Street, between Vine Street and Park Avenue, and build a new bridge for railroad tracks to separate the at-grade crossing on Third Street.


The project will improve public safety, eliminate train horns, relieve traffic congestion, reduce response time for emergency services, and improve mobility for pedestrians and motorists.




About the Project

The Third Street Grade Separation Project includes building a new four-lane underpass, to replace the existing at-grade crossing at the BNSF railroad tracks, relocating BNSF tracks to minimize rail disruptions, and realigning Commerce Street for improved connectivity. Third Street will see upgrades with a raised median, bike lanes, and sidewalks. The project will also require constructing retaining walls, realigning the Riverside Canal, a stormwater pump station, and utility relocations.

The Project is not capacity-increasing and the purpose and need for this project is to mitigate safety and congestion impacts from the presence of an at-grade railroad crossing.



Project Outputs

1 Eliminated at Grade Crossing

7,840 Square Foot Bridge

3.0 Miles of Track

1.3 Miles of Vehicle Lanes

0.6 Miles of Sidewalks


Project Benefits

Freight Reliability

Congestion Reduction

Multimodal Safety Enhancements

Air Quality Improvement

Emergency Response Time Reduction



Community Meetings

Learn about the details of the project at a community meeting.

Thursday, March 21, 2024 – 6PM - 8PM – Dale's Senior Center


Anticipated Project Timeline

Please note, construction is dependent on many variables, including weather, and this project timeline is subject to change.


  • 02/2022

    California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)/ National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Approval

    Perform necessary procedures for environmental review and impact analysis of project that require approval by local/state/federal agencies.

  • 12/2024

    End Final Design

    Detailed architectural and engineering drawings of all physical components of the project are produced.

  • 02/2025

    End Right of Way

    All temporary and/or permanent acquisition of land or other property rights on parcels of land required for the improvement project are complete.

  • 12/2025

    Construction Award

    Select and award applicable contractor after appropriate review and evaluation of bids/proposals received through competitive purchasing procedures.

  • 12/2027

    End Construction

    Conclude all physical construction activities.



Project Costs

The project is fully funded for all phases with the help of grants received for the Construction phase.










Grants Received

View the given list of grants received for the construction of the project.


$22 Million
(State Funded)

Port and Freight Infrastructure Program (PFIP), California State Transportation Agency

View Press Release

$15 Million
(Federally Funded)

Railroad Crossing Elimination (RCE) Program, Federal Railroad Administration Agency

View Press Release

$3 Million
(Federally Funded)

Highway Infrastructure Program, Department of Transportation

$12 Million
(Regional Local Funds)

2023 Western Riverside County Measure A Regional Arterial (MARA), Riverside County Transportation Commission




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The Third Street in current configuration is subject to traffic congestion, downtime delays and delay emergency vehicle response time. The project will ease traffic congestion, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve overall safety of pedestrians, freight trains, bicycles and general vehicular traffic.
The Third Street Grade Separation Project is anticipated to start in October 2025.



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