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Nearly every part of our country experiences periods of reduced rainfall. In California, drought can not only affect our water supply, but can help create conditions where seasonal wildfires become catastrophic disasters. If we plan for drought, then we can enjoy the benefits of normal or rainy years and not get caught unprepared in dry years.

Know the Current Conditions

Knowing is half the battle, and RPU can keep you informed about current conditions and how you can help. Find out at on their website.

You can also check current Drought conditions nationwide here.

Learn How to Plan Before and During a Drought

Planning for a drought can happen months and years before it happens, but it’s never too late to make changes that can help yourself and your community.

Find water-saving tips from RPU here (and don’t forget to see how you can qualify for water rebates)!

If you are in the Western Municipal Water District, you can check out tips from them as well on their website, and be sure to check out their rebates AND their H2O Depot for free water-saving products.

Learn more about being Water Wise.

You can also find general tips what you can to before and during a drought at

Learn more about what you can to before and during a drought at