Special Events

Special Events in the City of Riverside

Special events enhance the Riverside lifestyle and provide benefits to the City of Riverside community and to its visitors.

Special Events include any event or activity taking place on public property such as a city facility, a city street or sidewalk, alley or public-right-of-way.


Are you planning to host a Special Event in the City of Riverside?

The Special Events Team oversees the permitting process for events that take place on public property within the City of Riverside. Throughout the permitting process, event organizers will work with representatives from various city departments and other agencies involved in the permitting process of events. To facilitate the permitting process, the Special Events Team serves as a liaison between all City of Riverside departments and the event organizers.

The Special Events Permit Guidelines will provide instructions to guide and assist event organizers in the preparation and processing of the Special Event Permits.

Special Events Permit    Insurance Requirements

For more information please email: [email protected].