COVID-19/Coronavirus Update



Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the One Stop Shop remains closed to the public until further notice. To additionally combat its spread, a significant reduction of our workforce is in place to maximize social distancing while we continue to provide development services. Although we will work to be as responsive as possible, additional time will be needed to process your project applications remotely, perform plan reviews, and provide field inspection services. Please anticipate delays in the development process as we continue to respond to this crisis.

EXISTING ENTITLEMENT PROJECT RESUBMISSIONS:  Paper plan resubmittals must transition to electronic format through a File Cloud link.  Please contact your Case Planner who will provide you the details and link for your specific project. Existing projects in e-Plan will continue accordingly.  At this time, all projects with entitlement expirations up to the end of the Emergency Declaration will have expiration dates extended six months to ensure they remain valid as we continue to work through this crisis. This does not include parcel and tract map approvals, which are subject to the Subdivision Map Act of the State of California.

NEW ENTITLEMENT PROJECTS: All new entitlement applications must transition to electronic format through our online services  e-Plan Review system. 

Please reach out to staff at CDDInfo@riversideca.gov or 951-826-5800 for further information.


As the largest city in the Inland Empire, Riverside is a diverse and dynamic City experiencing tremendous growth and investment. The City offers a rich agricultural heritage, unique architecture, affordable housing stock and business friendly environment that is unique to Southern California.

Our Planning Division is committed to urban planning and design that results in a livable, high-quality of place – where people can live, work and play. By focusing on creative solutions for our customers, and in developing our long-range plans, Riverside is poised to become the location of choice for residents and businesses.

Mission Statement

Our Planning Division commits to creative urban planning and design solutions that allows Riverside to be a livable, high-quality location of choice for businesses and residents.

We are committed to urban planning and design that results in a livable, high-quality of place.

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