COVID-19/Coronavirus Update

Building & Safety


Beginning June 10, 2021, the One Stop Shop will open to the public in an expanded capacity from 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday, except Wednesdays from 10 am to 4 pm.

Based on customer demand and volume, the One Stop Shop hours may vary. We encourage you to call our One Stop Shop with any questions before visiting City Hall in person. Stay safe, save time, and save money utilizing the City’s online resources and avoid the possibility of long wait times for service in the One Stop Shop.

Please allow additional time to process applications as we continue working with a reduced work force in place and limited customer capacity to maximize safe practices in the workplace.

Customers are highly encouraged to submit permit applications, make payments, monitor project status and complete the plan review process remotely using the Public Permit Portal.

For customers choosing to visit the One Stop Shop, please note the following conditions apply to ensure a safe environment for all:

  • Customers must wear appropriate face coverings while visiting City Hall
  • Customer temperature checks are mandatory before entering the One Stop Shop
  • Only one customer per project will be permitted in the One Stop Shop to ensure appropriate social distancing. Exceptions: One parent and a child, a non-Spanish speaking translator is needed, or one person assisting a disabled patron
  • A maximum customer limit has been implemented in the One Stop Shop lobby with a designated overflow waiting area outside of the ground floor lobby entrance in the plaza, as needed.

Existing Projects: Existing permit applications under review and utilizing a paper plan format may drop off resubmittals at City Hall in accordance with this policy or by visiting the One Stop Shop when open to the public. Customers are advised to make appointments with staff for drop off and pick up to ensure proper delivery of plans and all documentation has been successfully accepted.

Existing projects in ePlan will continue electronically and may not be converted to paper. 

Permits that are ready to issue may occur remotely by contacting B&S staff in accordance with established procedures through the permit portal. You may also obtain permits in person by visiting the One Stop Shop during business hours open to the public.

New Projects: all new permit applications (with or without building plan review) are encouraged to register and utilize the Public Permit Portal.

Customers may also submit new permit applications, make payments and submit projects by visiting the One Stop Shop during limited business hours open to the public in accordance with this policy.

Also note that existing permit and plan check applications will continue to remain valid with expiration dates extended 180 days beyond the lifting date of the declared emergency, when occurs. This does not include parcel and tract map approvals, which are subject to the Subdivision Map Act of the State of California.

Building Inspections: projects with issued permits will continue to receive inspection services while practicing safety measures in compliance with State Guidelines and City policy.

Please contact the Building & Safety Division by calling (951) 826-5800 for further information.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Paper Plan Submittals

New Online Public Permit Portal - Effective Thursday, October 8, 2020



The Building & Safety Division exists to protect the built environment while providing responsive professional services that facilitate development in the City. We advise on construction related laws, codes and standards, local building ordinances and the City’s development process. The Division collects fees and issues building permits, performs plan reviews and conducts building inspections, ensuring construction in the city is safe, accessible and code compliant. Building & Safety also supports the City’s emergency preparedness and disaster response efforts that impact buildings, ensuring the habitability and safe occupancy of structures in the City.


On an annual basis, the Division issues approximately 6,000 building permits, services over 20,000 customers and completes over 50,000 building inspections in support of the City’s continued growth, helping you BUILD Riverside.


Enabling timely construction projects that result in a safe, sustainable and well-built environment.

Mission Statement

To protect the health, safety and welfare of our residents and visitors through the equitable enforcement of building standards, which serve to safeguard our built environment, ensure sustainable facilities and enhance the quality of place for our community.


News & Highlights

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Did You Know?

Garage Doors - SB 969: To ensure that California residents can safely and expeditiously evacuate their residence during an unplanned emergency, this law requires the manufacturers of automatic garage door openers sold in the state on or after July 1, 2019 to include a backup battery. The law also prohibits any person, corporation or entity from installing a residential automatic garage door opener without a backup battery on or after this date. Recent fires in the state have proven that emergency escape through a dwellings garage is needed when power is out to help prevent entrapment of occupants.