Local Design Criteria

City Of Riverside - Local Design Criteria

Wind Speed

3-second peak gust wind speed per Risk Category:


  • 90 mph for Risk Category I


  • 96 mph for Risk Category II


  • 103 mph for Risk Category III


  • 107 mph for Risk Category IV



Wind Exposure

Site specific for each project (CBC 1609) - Most areas of the City of Riverside can be classified as wind exposure category C



Seismic Design – Mapped Acceleration Parameters

Site specific for each project based on latitude and longitude or project location (CBC 1613.2.1) https://earthquake.usgs.gov/hazards/




2 Inches per hour for roof drainage design



Conventional Construction Criteria (CBC Chapter 23, Section 2308)

Seismic Design Category D



Flood Zones

Specific areas within the City of Riverside having a flood zone designation as outlined by FEMA flood insurance maps (FIRMs) https://msc.fema.gov/portal/home



California Residential Code Chapter 3, Section R301.2.2.1

Seismic Design Category D2



Climate Zone

Zone 10



CRC Table 301.2(1)

Climatic and Geographic Design Criteria:


Very Heavy



Ground Snow Load




Ice Barrier Underlayment




Frost Line Depth




Site Class for Seismic Design

D - unless recommended otherwise by Geotechnical Engineer







Air Freezing Index




Mean Annual Temp

64.0 F



Winter Design Temp

51.4 F