Code Enforcement


The City of Riverside recognizes the vital importance of preserving a high quality of life throughout the community and has adopted local codes and ordinances that govern the proper use and maintenance of private properties. The Code Enforcement Division's main objectives are to:

  • Protect property owner's investments
  • Promote public health, safety and welfare
  • Enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods
  • Educate residents
  • Perform community outreach

Working Together to Provide a Safe & Attractive Community


Mission Statement


The Mission of the Code Enforcement Division is to serve the citizens of Riverside by ensuring compliance with all adopted City codes through providing effective public contact and education, building cooperative partnerships throughout our community, and enforcing the law in an equitable and impartial manner.

Our goal is to promote a positive image of Code Enforcement to our community and our allied City Departments by fostering a culture that is helpful, approachable, knowledgeable and of the highest integrity.