Regional Climate Collaboratives Grant Arlanza Area Community Capacity Building & Planning Project

What?   The Regional Climate Collaboratives Grant (Grant) is funding of up to $1.75 million to build sustained community planning and a neighborhood collaborative structure over a 3-year period.  The Grant funds neighborhood-level proposals from under resourced communities to complete initial community building and planning work that can be used to apply for larger urban greening, traffic safety, and infrastructure grants in the future.   The Grant empowers communities to develop their own strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving community health benefits.   Grant objectives include development of actionable plans and projects, building social infrastructure, community engagement and decision making, and development of equity centered processes.


Why?   Community supported planning can assist communities to articulate their needs and potentially attract funding for new projects.  The Arlanza/La Sierra communities have community planning documents that date from 1978 and 1993.   Community-level needs for health, well-being, and growth have not been documented in almost 30 years! 


What is the Project?   With the assistance of the City of Riverside, to have community and neighborhood partners draft a 3-year, “empowerment strategy” that can be used as the basis for an RCC Grant application.   If the Grant is awarded, the community will work to implement the empowerment strategy and draft meaningful plans that address technical safety, community health, and environmental concerns. 

What is the timeline?  The RCC Grant application is due on October 7th, 2022.   If awarded, Grant funded capacity building would occur over three years.

Who are the “Neighborhood Drivers” for the RCC Grant Project (Partial List)?   Kaiser Permanente; Northgate Markets; La Sierra University; the Enactus Group, and others.   

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