Riverside Public Utilities

Power Partners

Help reduce the demand on the regional energy grid and lessen the likelihood of temporary planned outages.


What is the Power Partner Program?

The Power Partner Program is Riverside Public Utilities’ (RPU) way of helping to reduce the demand on the regional energy grid and lessen the likelihood of temporary planned outages. Local businesses are encouraged to sign up to be “Power Partners,” and agree to voluntarily shed or shift a specific amount of their energy use during peak demand times when requested from July through September.


Why was the program created?

The Power Partner Program was put in place to promote energy conservation during peak demand times to help stabilize local and state power grids and avoid service disruptions. If Riverside’s energy customers can commit to reducing power demands imported from the high voltage grid, that power could be made available to help stabilize power flows into other southern California regions.


Who can participate in the program?

All RPU commercial electric customers with demands of at least 150 kilowatts per month (about the size of a small restaurant or larger) are encouraged to participate through a planned power reduction agreement.

Businesses that participate in the Power Partner Program get one-on-one support from an RPU account manager, and can choose to sign up for Web and email updates.

These updates include up-to-the-minute accounts of each day’s power forecast from the California ISO, and any alerts of pending rolling blackouts.


How can my business become an RPU Power Partner?

E-mail Ryan Gleason to contact RPU about the Power Partner Program and one of our Account Managers will contact you with all the details on how you can sign up.


Can residential customers be Power Partners too?

Yes. Residential customers can do their part to be a Power Partner this summer by conserving energy at home. Visit Our Energy for energy-saving tips and information on valuable conservation rebate programs offered by RPU that can help you reduce your energy load and reduce your electric bill.


For more information on the Power Partner program, please call 951-826-5485.