General Plan

A comprehensive update of the General Plan will kick off in early 2024. This effort will guide the development of the City through the year 2050, and your participation and input are critical to ensure that the Riverside of tomorrow is one that works for everybody. Sign up for email updates at the link below to stay connected with the many events, activities, and opportunities for input coming in 2024 and beyond:

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Riverside’s General Plan is a strategic, long-range planning guiding growth to 2025. The Plan reflects the voices of hundreds of residents that shared their dreams and creative ideas for the future of Riverside. Residents provided input on key land use, social, economic, environmental and cultural issues. The General Plan provides the direction to create a sustainable, resilient and livable Riverside.

General Plan 2025

General Plan 2025 PEIR - Volume 3



  • GP 2025 PEIR Addendum #1 - Minor Amendments
  • GP 2025 PEIR Addendum #2 - Magnolia Avenue Improvements
  • GP 2025 PEIR Addendum #3 - AB 162 amendments
  • GP 2025 PEIR Addendum #4 - Housing Element Update
  • GP 2025 PEIR Addendum #5 – Air Quality, Mobility, Historic, Open Space, Public Safety, Parks, and Public Facilities Elements
  • GP 2025 PEIR Addendum #6 - 2006-2014 Housing Element Rezoning Program
  • GP 2025 PEIR Addendum #7 – Downtown Specific Plan
  • GP 2025 PEIR Addendum #8 – 2014-2021 Housing Element


Housing Element EIR


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