Parks, Recreation and Community Services

Volunteers & Interns

There are numerous opportunities to contribute your time and skills, to expand your work experience or to simply give back to your community. Riverside residents have a long history of community involvement, and the City appreciates the time and efforts of volunteers and interns who help with various services and projects.  To apply, contact a community center near you.

With four local higher education institutions, Riverside employers can tap into an educated and ever-increasing workforce.

  • Internships provide valuable insight into government employment. 
  • Learn valuable job skills and gain employment experience.
  • Contribute your skills, experience and time to make Riverside a better community.

Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

  1. Clerical Assistance

  2. Computers

  3. Disabled Programs

  4. Fitness/Exercise

  5. Golf Course (Rangers, Starters, Pro-shop)

  6. Mentorship

  7. Park Maintenance

  8. Park Hosts

  9. Park Trails

  10. Riverside School of the Arts (music, art, drama)

  11. Special Events     

  12. Senior Programs

  13. Tutoring

  14. Teen Programs

  15. Youth Sports Coach

  • Rookieball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Flag Football