Riverside Police Department
COVID-19/Coronavirus Update

Mission, Vision, Core Values


The Riverside Police Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life by creating a safe environment in partnership with the people we serve. We act with integrity and grit to reduce fear and crime, while treating all with respect, compassion, and fairness.


We will engage our community through exemplary service and unequaled professionalism, while employing a work force that reflects the diversity of our city. We will commit to implementing the latest technology available and best practices to meet the demands of 21st Century modern policing. We will invest in the success of our employees of the Riverside Police Department by providing excellent training opportunities, advancement, and personal growth.


INTEGRITY - We do what is right even when no one is looking. We pledge to uphold the core principles espoused in the Police Officer's Code of Ethics.  We utilize this code as our moral compass, which guides us to make proper choices. We recognize the ideals of integrity are inseparable from several other characteristics:

•    ACCOUNTABILITY - We do not try to shift the blame to others or take credit for the work of others.
•    COURAGE - We have moral courage and we do what is right even if the personal cost is high.
•    HONESTY - We do not lie, cheat, or steal nor tolerate those among us who do.
•    HUMILITY - We encourage feedback and input from all directions of the organization and community.
•    RESPECT - We respect all people without personal prejudice, bias, or favoritism.

SERVICE - We make personal sacrifices in order to assist those in need. We promote the idea that professional duties and responsibilities take precedence over personal desires. We practice such service in the community, as well as in the police department, placing the welfare of others over self.

EXCELLENCE - We do the best possible job at all times. We have a passion for continuous improvement and innovation. We recognize that our continued momentum will propel the Department to long-term accomplishments and high performance. We understand that we will only achieve such excellence when the members of the Department work together to successfully reach common goals in an atmosphere free of fear, inspiring individual growth, and preserving dignity.